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Dear Abby: ‘ > Published Jul 31, 10:04 AM

Dear Abby: ‘ > Published Jul 31, 10:04 AM

DEAR ABBY: we invested the last 11 years within an emotionally and physically abusive on-again, off-again relationship. We finally got away and am extremely pleased with myself for carrying it out.

I will be now fond of a phenomenal brand new guy. He could be every thing we prayed for — the entire deal. There clearly was just one issue: He’s married.

We knew he was hitched, but, Abby, the wedding had been phony. The lady utilized him to be a appropriate u.s. resident. She’s now right right right back inside her home nation, apparently “married” and has now household with another person, but my boyfriend remains hitched to her.

We don’t understand the entire legalities, but he is stilln’t filing for breakup, and even though he’s constantly telling me personally he will. I’ve been with him for pretty much 3 years now, and I’m sick and tired of wasting my time. (más…)